Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

We’ve been trying to eat a little bit healthier.  Meaning more vegetable and beans.


Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

This recipe really hit the spot.  I served it with fresh baked soudough bread and dinner was done!  It was met with about a 50% like rate.  Myself and a couple of kids liked it, the rest (including my husband) did not.img_5198

I had it for lunch the next day with a slice of buttered sourdough bread.  That was the perfect combination and filled me up!


I have been on a cooking and baking jag lately.  My daughter brought home a box of Falafel mix to try out.img_5086

We mixed up the dough and let it rest a little bit in the refrigerator.img_5088

They we scooped out little balls of the mix and fried them.img_5087

And this is how they turned out.  They were super yummy!!  Now I want to try to make some from scratch.  I just have to find garbanzo beans that are not in a can!


I am really loving the slightly cooler weather.  I always feel like cooking and baking during this kind of weather – chilis, soups, stews, casseroles, all kinds of things.  I made this chili the other night along with cornbread muffins.

With the crowd around here I had just a tiny bit of chili left over for my lunch the next day.img_4579

I ate it out front in our courtyard and the chili was perfect with tortilla chips!  YUM!

Tater Tot Hotdish

I feel like I am excited to cook and bake again.  During the summer, I am not motivated to turn on the oven or stand in front of the stove and my meals for the family show it!  It is cooling off a little bit and it feels great to be cooking again.  I follow the blog, I Am a Baker, and really like quite a bit of what I find on there.  More importantly, my family likes the food that is made from that blog.


Tater Tot Hotdish

This dish was really easy to make.  The only substitution I made was to use 2 1/2 cups of frozen mixed vegetables instead of the cans of corn and green beans.  I had the frozen ones on hand.  On Mondays I teach until 5:30 so getting a complete dinner on the table in a timely manner can be challenging.  Usually I try to use the crock pot, but this time I made the recipe for the filling early in the day, put the tater tots on top and then put the whole thing in the fridge.  I happen to be very lucky in that the oven my husband convinced me I “needed” has a way to program it for a delay cooking option.  Before my last class, I put the pan in the oven and set it to be done at 6:15pm – AND it was done and dinner was on the table by 6:30!!  It was the first time I made this dish, but everyone liked it and I’ll be making it again.  One of the best parts…it makes enough for lunches for the next day!!  If you want to give it a try, click on this link:  Tater Tot Hotdish.

Yummy Dinner

School is back in session and I am done teaching summer camps – fall classes won’t start until next week.  I am feeling more creative in the kitchen and trying out some new things.

This recipe is from Tasty (yes, AGAIN!) and it turned out really well.


Paleo Cauliflower Rice

I made Paleo Cauliflower Rice from All Recipes and it was super simple!  Everyone really liked it and had seconds.

This yummy bread is from Trkingmomoe’s blog.  I just went there to grab the link for you and can’t believe how many more recipes she has up since this one.  They  look great – I want to try them all!  Anyway back to this bread, it was really quick and easy to make and quite yummy.  I toasted a slice this morning with butter and it was a great addition to my breakfast.

This was also a new recipe for us.  We had bananas that were past their prime but I didn’t feel like making banana bread – I had just made the Peanut Butter bread – so I searched on All Recipes and found this one.  They turned out pretty good and are surprisingly soft.  We’ll be making these again!

On the first days of school, I always like to make something special for the kids.  Here, high school and middle school start on consecutive days.  I made those fancy waffles the first day and raspberry, white chocolate scones for the second day.  It really doesn’t seem to matter how many of either that I make, there are never any left for snacks later in the day!

Mini Pot Pies

I think I have mentioned before how much I LOVE the “Tasty” app on my phone.  I am embarrassed to admit how much time I spend on it – looking at recipes, watching the videos.  BUT…their recipes almost ALWAYS work out and for the most part our whole family likes what I make from them.


Mini Pot Pies from Tasty.

Last night I tried this recipe:  Mini Pot Pies with great success.  The recipe was easy to make (except for the lattice work on top – it was very fiddly and I gave up after two) and everyone liked it.  This is only one plate of three and there are no leftovers!  I enjoyed both working with and eating (!) the puff pastry that is used for the crust.  This is definitely a repeat recipe!

Chicken Hand Pies

We make these every so often.  The 12 yo boy loves them and today he wanted to help make them.IMG_1715

This time we used pre-made crescent roll dough.  We put the shredded chicken and frozen veges on one crescent and covered it up with another one.  We had so much fun making them together. (Ha!  You can see another batch of chicken stock cooking up in the backround!)IMG_1717

Everyone loved them and we had made enough for leftovers for myself and my husband the next day for lunch.  Win!