SAL Update

Once again it’s time for an update on the Christmas Stocking I’m cross stitching for my son. This is where I was last time:

10/4/2020 SAL Update

And this is where I’m at now:

10/25/2020 SAL Update

I had hoped to be completely done with the toe of the stocking by this time, but I have made some good progress.

This is what it looks like right now. Hopefully I’ll get to spend some quality time with this in the next few weeks. I’d love to have it completed by this Christmas!

I am part of a group of lovely stitchers who are participating in this stitch-a-long. To see what they have been up to, please click on the links below:

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October SAL Update

It’s time to update on my SAL project. Last time I was here:

September SAL Update

Now I am here:

10/4/2020 SAL Update

I have been spending time with this project just about every day. Hopefully I will be done with the toe by our next update.

I am part of a group of lovely stitchers who are participating in this stitch-a-long. To see what they have been up to, please click on the links below:

AvisClaireGunCaroleSueConstanzeChristinaKathyMargaretCindyHeidiJackieSunnyHayleyMeganDeborahMary MargaretReneeCarmelaSharonDaisyAnneAJJennyLauraCathieLindaHelen

September SAL Update

This is the first time using WordPress’ new look and I am NOT one for changes. The other way was so much easier!!

Oh, well, I guess I better get used to it!! This is where I was the last time we updated in August.

August SAL Update

This is where I am now.

September SAL Update

I have been working on the toe area a little bit each day. I have worked on other areas, but not a lot. Just when I have a bit of thread left over from a toe area and an easily accessible area somewhere else that calls for the same color thread.

I am so grateful to take part in this SAL. The members of the SAL all work on their own project and post progress each month. I love being a part of this talented and supportive group of stitchers. If you’d like to join us, please contact AVIS – her link is below. And please take a look at the other stitchers taking part in this SAL.

AvisClaireGunCaroleSueConstanzeChristinaKathyMargaretCindyHeidiJackieSunnyHayleyMeganDeborahMary MargaretReneeCarmelaSharonDaisyAnneAJJennyLauraCathieLindaHelen

SAL Update

I have not stitched on my SAL project for this update.  I am still excited that I found a solution to the challenge of placement on the fabric and I will be stitching again this week.  Here is the picture from last week:img_9870

What I had been doing instead was getting ready for our yearly family backpacking trip.  We gathered all our packs and gear, inspected them (some repairs were necessary – good hand sewing skills come in handy!) and then purchasing the rest that we needed.

We backpacked in the back country of Yosemite and it was gorgeous!  There was really no one else there – we did encounter one family on the way out and one on the way back, but it was super easy to distance.  Here are a couple of photos from our trip:img_1698

This picture is actually at then end.  We went int and out of this trail head.  I couldn’t find the picture from the start of the trip where our smiles were much bigger and we didn’t look quite so tired!img_1704

This year I used hiking poles for the very first time and they made such a huge positive difference!img_1754

Chain Lakes on our first night.  Such a gorgeous place!img_1757

Morning time on the second day!  Right after this photo was taken, two of the kids jumped into the lake and swam out to the island in the middle.  Such a fun time!

I should have more to show at our next update.  This is such a fun group of stitchers to be working with.  We are from all over the world and touch base once (or more!) every three weeks to show progress on one of our projects.  I am so grateful to everyone!  Please take a look at the other talented stitchers participating and if you’d like to join us, please contact Avis at the link below.

AvisClaireGunCaroleSueConstanzeChristinaKathyMargaretCindyHeidiJackieSunnyHayleyMeganDeborahMary MargaretReneeCarmelaSharonDaisyAnneConnieAJJennyLauraCathieLindaHelen

July SAL Update

It’s time for an update on the Christmas Stocking I am stitching for my son.  I had discovered a pretty significant error when I started the second set of “windows” and started looking ahead to the toe part of the stocking.img_9761

That looks pretty good, right?  Well… when I started this project, I wanted to start in the top left hand corner instead of the center.  I like to go from left to right, top to bottom and lots of the color was the same in the beginning – to me it just made sense.  I counted, recounted, counted again.  Did some math.  Counted, recounted and did more math and was pretty certain everything was good to go.  Then I started the stitching.  Those of you who have been part of this SAL know this has been a very long term project for me.  I am not a quick stitcher, I am quite slow.  That does not bother me – I love stitching.  This project has gone on timeout and come out of timeout more times than I can count.  I have stitched and un-stitched.

Well…  this error is not something I can unstitch without scrapping the whole stocking and starting over.  The toe of the stocking is on the left of the stitching.  In other words, I am too close to the edge of the fabric on the left – WAY too close, 3 inches too close in fact.

Once I realized that, my stomach sank and I sat there looking at the stitching for awhile (probably longer than I want to admit) and then had a really, really good cry.  Then I set it on the table (not back in the bag where I keep it to be safe) and walked away.  I went out to garden, took a shower and made dinner.  All with that piece of stitching on the table.  My kids and husband knew something was wrong.  My youngest son (15), kept coming up to me and giving me a hug telling me that it would be ok and I would figure it out.

I left that stitching out all night on the table which is unheard of.  We have three cats and a dog.  I did not sleep well at all.  Then, I did have an idea.  Because I started close to the left hand side, I had quite a bit of “empty” fabric on the right side.  I decided to try something out (something I still don’t know if it will work right).  I measured, counted, did some math (we all know how that works for me).img_9762

And cut my fabric at the top right of the project.  A big enough piece to overlap on the left with enough to stitch the toe and have a margin.img_9763

Then I pinned it to the right section.  Pinning was not enough so…img_9776

I added basting stitches to hold everything in place all lined up.  That looks pretty easy, but it was really a bear and took HOURS.  Originally, the holes didn’t want to match so when I put the needle down from the top, I had to flip the fabric and make sure the needle went into the correct hole on the bottom.  And then I had to repeat the process again from back to front.  All in all, it seems to be working ok now.img_9870

Stitching on the double piece is still a little fiddly.  Even though it’s all lined up and held together with those basting stitches, I still have to flip and check to make sure I’m on target for almost every stitch.  It’s really SLOW going.  I am hopeful that this “patch” will work and wont’ look too wonky when it’s complete.  Only time will tell.

There are lots of more talented and creative stitchers who are a part of this group.  Please take a look at their projects if you get a chance:
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June SAL Update

It’s time for my SAL Update.  I belong to a group of stitchers online and participate in a stitch-a-long.  This stitch-a-long is different from most in that each member chooses their own project to work and posts updates every three weeks.  I’m working on a Christmas Stocking for one of my sons.  Here is where I was at the last update:


5/31/20 – SAL Update.

And this is where I am now:


6/21/20-SAL Update

I have been finding a little bit more time here and there to work on this and I’m quite pleased with my progress.  With a little bit of stitching time each day, I’m hoping to be done with this window pane by the next update.

If you have time, please take a look at the other stitch-a-long members and their progress (list below).

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Sal Update for May

Whew!  Another three weeks gone by – another three weeks in SIP.  The weather has been so nice here and I have been gardening on most days.  Sitting outside chatting with friends (over zoom) has become the norm.  My last SAL post showed progress up to this point:


4/19/20 – SAL Update

And now I am here:


5/31/20 – SAL Update.

Th whole thing looks like this:



Slowly, but surely!  Please take a look at all the other beautiful projects done by others taking part in this SAL:

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I’m also taking part in Kathy’s Slow Stitch Sunday.

February SAL and Slow Stitch Sunday

Three weeks have flown by!!  I’m slowly working on the Christmas stocking for my oldest son.  This is where I was three weeks ago:


1/26/2020 SAL Update

I had been working on the separations between the panes of the window.  This is where I’m at now:


2/16/20 SAL Update

I’ve finished most of the bars and have moved to another section of the stocking.  Here is a close up:


2/16/20 SAL Update-closeup

I should be able to make some quick progress for next time as there is quite a bit of the same color.  Please take a look at what some of the others are doing and if you’d like to join us please contact Avis (she’s the first one on the list below)

AvisClaireGunCaroleSueConstanzeChristinaKathyMargaretCindyHeidiJackieSunnyHayleyMeganDeborah, Mary MargaretRenee, CarmelaJocelynSharonDaisyAnneConnieAJJenny

I’m also linking up with Kathy for Slow Stitch Sunday.

January SAL and Slow Stitch Sunday

It’s a new year and there are so many things I’m looking forward to!  I’m so grateful for my family, my friends and just my life in general.  I’m grateful for this SAL and the friends I’ve made here.  There is so much support and care from each of you and I truly feel blessed to be a part of it.

Three weeks have gone by already since the last update!!  I simply cannot believe that another year is starting – Happy 2020 to everyone!

At the last update, this is where I was:

This is where I am now.

We were on vacation and I had lots of morning and late afternoon time to work on this.  It was just so very relaxing to sit either on our balcony or on the beach, watch the ocean and stitch away!


1/5/20 Update: Before the backstitching


1/5/20 Update: After the backstitching

I even managed to stitch on the airplane!!  That was a first for me.  I hope the start of the new year brings much happiness to you!

Please take a look at the other wonderful stitchers participating in this SAL by clicking on the links below!  And welcome to AJ who is joining us!  This SAL is different than other SALS in that you get to choose the project that you work on.  Every three weeks you post your progress.  It’s a great group of stitchers and if you’d like to join us, please contact Avis (hers is the first link)

AvisClaireGunCaroleSueConstanzeChristinaKathyMargaretCindyLindaHeidiJackieSunnyHayleyMeganDeborah, Mary MargaretReneeJennyCarmelaJocelynSharonDaisyAnneConnieAJ

I’m also linking up with Kathy for Slow Stitch Sunday.


One Monthly Goal Finish!!  My goal for November was to finish the Gingerbread Village House #5 and I did it!  This was so fun to do!!  Linking up with Elm Street Quilts and the One Month Goal Finish.


Gingerbread House #5.

Below is a slideshow of the progress.  I took a picture after each session to inspire myself to keep going, but I thought it looked cool!  I hope you enjoy it.

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