Battenberg Lace

As I have posted before, one of the things I really like about the EGA that I belong to is that it is a teaching EGA.  We sign up for classes (there is one every month) and usually they take one or two meetings to complete.  For two months we have been working on battenberg lace.


Battenberg Lace.

In the first lesson we learned how to take our tape lace and make it follow the pattern on the paper.  They we started hand sewing the loops where they touched and our homework was to finish those and stitch all the intersections.  Then, if we were going to use the little plastic ring that was provided, we needed to cover that with thread in blanket stitch.  Being the student that I am, I finished my homework before the next meeting!


Blanket stitch covered ring with leaf vein woven bars.

At the next meeting, we started learning the filling stitches.  Our teacher told us that if we wanted to finish during the meeting we needed to choose one of the more simple filling stitches and do that one for each of the loops.  I didn’t really care about finishing quickly, I really wanted to learn the stitches so I worked on the woven bars to attach my ring.  It took me three times to understand the stitch and the fourth one turned out much better.


Double brussels.

The next section I decided to do in the double brussels stitch.  This one I found to be super hard and I don’t totally understand it yet.  I think I am going to finish this section and then do the next one in either single or triple brussels so that I can practice.  There are many stitches to choose from for the rest of the loops; however, I don’t want to continue with new stitches until I understand the old ones.

A.l.m.o.s.t … there

I enjoyed stitching my name tag for EGA meetings.  However, I am just starting to feel like it will never be totally complete.  I brought it to the meeting this month and it was finished enough so that I was not fined – haha!


Finished name tag.

The stitching was complete awhile ago.  I wanted to make it into a little pouch to hang around my neck.  Several of the other members made theirs into pouches and say this is really helpful at conferences (which I hope to attend in the future) as it is a place to put your ID, credit card, and a little cash without having to carry a purse.  Makes sense to me!


Inserted zipper.

I am really happy with the zipper.  The zipper had to be shortened to fit into this pouch and that went surprisingly well – no zippers were harmed or destroyed this time.


Completely lined.

The pouch is also completely lined.  I like everything lined and all seams hidden.  Now that the pouch was done, I needed to make something in order to hang it around my neck.


DIY kumihimo disc.

I decided on a kumihimo braid/cord.  Since I don’t have a “real” disc, I made my own.


Kumihimo cording progress.

It’s slow going and I need about 40 inches…


Closeup of the cord.

Sorry this is so blurry.  I could not, for the life of me, get a clear picture.  I’m not unhappy with the cord, but not totally happy either.  I’m not going to redo the colors, but next time  I will make cording I will plan better.  There is too much white and not enough gold or purple for my taste.


EGA Snack

Every month there is an EGA (Embroider’s Guild) meeting.  I enjoy going to these meetings for many reasons:  The women are so very nice and supportive, all of them are very accomplished needlewomen (the projects they work on are amazing), and this is also a teaching guild.  I absolutely love learning new things and improving my skills on others.  We meet mid-morning and continue through lunch.  We bring out own lunch and then some of us bring treats to share.  I really like baking so I try to bring a baked item each time.  This time I brought brownies.



This is the only picture I have to share.  Right after taking this picture, I cut the edges off, cut the rest into bite sized pieces, put the pieces onto a plate and left the edges at home.  I had 5 brownies left when I left the meeting.  After getting home, I put the plate on the counter and did some work around the house.  By the time I started dinner, all edges and brownies had disappeared!  At least I know this is a good recipe!

EGA Nametag

I joined my local chapter of the Embroidery Guild.  Once you join, you are asked to make a name tag.  They give you all the supplies and you are supposed to get it done within three months.  Not too hard of a task!IMG_0965

This is the start of mine.  The back ground was left blank in the instructions, but I thought it looked too bare so I picked some thread from the box and added it in.  Hopefully I can finish before our next meeting.


San Mateo Embroiderers Guild.  I discovered this group when myself and the family went to the San Mateo County Fair.  They had a booth there and I spent some time talking with the woman who was representing this group.  She was so nice and kind and convinced me that anyone (including myself), could learn to embroider.  She invited me to the next Guild meeting and then followed up with an email with all the details and I decided to go check it out.  That was such a fun morning!!  Everyone was very friendly and welcoming.  Quite a few of the attendees were starting a SAL called Spring Garden and had all their supplies.  I had brought my stitching kit and some fabric.  I decided to try some of the stitches they were working on and the women near me immediately stepped in to help.  It was truly amazing.  

In order to receive a copy of this pattern, you must first be a member of the guild.  Well…you guessed it…I was so excited about the possibility of being a part of this group that I joined as soon as I could.   Things I have learned already since embarking upon The Spring Garden journey…

Transferring a pattern, attaching fabric to a frame, and working on congress cloth.  I had previously never done any of these things including stitching something with a hoop or frame.  I have always done my cross stitch “in hand”.

Discovering a laying tool and how it is used.  I really enjoy using this tool and I LOVE the way the threads lay on the cloth after being held and arranged with the laying tool.

Using a waste knot. Since I have only worked with cross stitch and Aida cloth, I usually just start with the tail held in back and stitch over it. I find that the waste knot method is very easy and much more efficient.

Learning the Slanted Gobelin and Diamond Pavilion stitches.

My goal is to get a couple of sections of the pattern completed before the next meeting so that I can hopefully catch up and complete it on time.  Their time line is the end of the summer – so 2 more months.  Wish me luck!!