I have been keeping up with my exercise routine.  I walk or run everyday and sprinkle in cycling, lifting and swimming.  My favorite places to walk or run are outdoors – either on the Baylands or up at the Dish or at Rancho San Antonio or Arastradero.  I love to get away (or feel like I’m getting away) from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for just a little bit.  It’s also nice to see all the wildlife.

This is from an early morning walk with the husband.  Those are two turkey vultures and they were gorgeous.  We stood there observing them for quite some time.

This was a little later on during the same walk – just look at all those birds!  The Baylands is such a beautiful place to walk especially in the early morning before too many people are out there.

This week I was also at Rancho San Antonio hiking with some friends and we saw that cute little bunny.  It was not really afraid of us and we also saw this gorgeous buck – he also was very tame and let us get quite close to take pictures.  Even though the weather is getting a little more crisp, it is just perfect for getting out in.

Riding and Walking

In addition to running again, I have been able to get back on my bike and also walk hills and hike.  I am so jazzed about this.  For my mental health, I need to be able to get outside and exercise.  Otherwise I just don’t feel quite right.  One of the places near me is the Stanford Dish.  It’s a little hilly and totally paved and I used to really enjoy walking the paths there.  Guess what?!  I can totally do that now!

My daughter and I ride our bikes there (4 miles) and then walk the dish (a little under 4 miles) and then ride home.  It is so much fun!  The last time we were there we saw a tarantula a cute little lizard and…

This hawk.  He was so pretty!  After he took off from the fence post, we stood and watched him fly and soar over the meadow.

Fabulous 4th of July!

We started our day with the…

Chili Chase 5K

It was so fun to run as a family, although I ran much slower than the rest of them.
I have been trying to slowly get back into shape and exercise more.  My goals for this 5K were pretty simple.

Primary Goal:  Run the entire race-goal achieved!!

Secondary Goal:  Don’t be dead last like 2 years ago:  goal achieved (although not by much)!

Mantra:  Slow and steady; at least I’m still vertical!

It was great fun topped off by watching fireworks in the evening.