4th of July

We love the 4th of July!  We bike over to the amphitheater, listen to live music, and then fireworks.  It is so fun and relaxing.  Plus the kids think it’s great fun to ride their bikes home in the dark!

We bring food and the kids bring cards.  We play card games before the show and sometimes a little bit during.

Me and the hubby!

An outing is never complete without a little bit of art!

Feed the beast!

Lovely fireworks.

Fabulous 4th of July!

We started our day with the…

Chili Chase 5K

It was so fun to run as a family, although I ran much slower than the rest of them.
I have been trying to slowly get back into shape and exercise more.  My goals for this 5K were pretty simple.

Primary Goal:  Run the entire race-goal achieved!!

Secondary Goal:  Don’t be dead last like 2 years ago:  goal achieved (although not by much)!

Mantra:  Slow and steady; at least I’m still vertical!

It was great fun topped off by watching fireworks in the evening.

Happy Days

Yesterday was such a fabulous day.  Pretty laid back with not that much pressing on us (except for the 10th grader who had to study for finals!).


Senior’s graduation cap all decorated and ready to go.

Our senior had such a fun time hanging with friends and decorating her graduation cap.


Freshly picked corn from garden.

It was so exciting that our corn was ready to be harvested!!  I have been trying to wait patiently for this to be ready and FINALLY they were!


New potatoes all ready to be washed and eaten.

The same with the potatoes.  This is from just one of the bins we planted earlier in the season.


Part of our dinner – fresh potatoes roasted for dinner.


Yummy corn!

After this yummy dinner we headed off to the airport.


So tired.

Someone needed a nap!


Knitting while the hubby drives to the airport.

I always have some “entertainment” for myself on car rides :o)


She’s home!

The absolute best part of the day – having her home for the summer!!!