February Fitbit Stats

I’m still tracking my miles and steps on Fitbit. These are the February stats:

My goal is to walk/run 2021 miles in 2021. I need to complete 168.42 miles/month or about 5.54 miles/day. This month while I met my goal, I was under last month’s numbers. My hip is still hurting but much better so I have begun to run again (it’s really just a fast shuffle!).

I’m happy to be back on track and also to be working out. My husband had purchased some free weights and we are using those.

The 75Hard Program has been a little problematic. I have fallen off the wagon and surprisingly it’s because of reading 10 pages of a real book each day. I actually read a TON. I read lots of news, school board docs, etc but when I read a book it’s purely for escape. I end each day with a book. I’m still 20 pounds down and am kind of stuck there for right now. We’ll see what March brings!!

75Hard Update and Fitbit Stats

January 2021 Fitbit stats.

January stats via Fitbit.

These stats include 10.75 miles of running, but do NOT include 25.15 miles of biking. My personal goal this year is to complete 2,021 miles of walking/hiking/running. This equates to 168.42 miles/month or 5.54 miles/day.

I hit most of my days. You can see where I hurt my hip. I’m almost back to normal and will get back to running today. The big take away is that I have still hit the January monthly goal and am not behind at all! WOOHOO!!

Big lesson learned. I was depressed, disgusted and disappointed when my hip started hurting again. It would have been so easy to give up and even though I failed one day, I have not failed personally. I still walked EVERY day, I still did my second workout EVERY day – I completed all the tasks EVERY day (except for the one failed day).

Just this morning, when I looked at my stats, when I realized I was still on track to hit one of my yearly goals and that I only failed one day… I felt great. Too many times in the past I would have given up and decided this wasn’t for me. I would have gone back to my old ways of eating and drinking.

Since starting this program I have a clarity of mind that I don’t think I’ve ever had. And it’s not just for this program. This clarity is for all aspects of my life. It’s kind of weird that this one little program can make such a huge impact on my life.

Well, I’m off to do my first work out of the day! Have a great one!