Mini Rant

OK…I know it is not watermelon season…BUT…sometimes when the kids are having a sleepover, I buy a watermelon and make melon balls as part of their breakfast the next morning.  We usually get most of our produce at Costco.  With all these kids who are eating me out of house and home, Costco is really the only place I can afford to buy flats and flats of produce.  On our weekly trip I bought two of those mini SEEDLESS watermelons.


See? It says “SEEDLESS” on the tag.

It was early and I was also making some waffles.  One of the friends who were staying over had to leave soon so I was rushing.  I opened the bag and cut into one of the watermelons…


Hmmm…are those seeds I spy?

and the whole watermelon was populated with seeds.  I quickly opened the other one and it was the same thing.  I would up cutting little wedges and the kids enjoyed it anyway, but I was not happy.  It if says SEEDLESS, it really should be seedless.  Ok, rant over!