Garden Bounty!

Every morning I go outside, feed the chickens and clean the coop and then water and tend my garden.  I love that each and every day I can see some growth and now, usually, there is at least one ripe vegetable.

Of course these have already been eaten.  The tomatoes by the munchkins and I made yellow squash fries for all of us for dinner last night – yum!!

And my first eggplant of the season. It looks way bigger in the picture than it is in real life, it was the size of my hand.


I am late this year getting everything planted, but as I was outside pulling weeds and readying the beds I found:

Artichokes are a family favorite – I could plant 10 of these and still not have enough to feed the family!

This plant is kind of a monster and comes back in full force every year.

I have several of these strawberry pots and LOVE them!

The first strawberries of the season – I didn’t get even 1/2 of one!  As soon as the youngest two heard me exclaim that we had strawberries, they ran outside and gobbled them up!

I plant seeds and the misshapen one was found in a small planter.

And two rogue carrots found while weeding.  I’ll cook them up tonight!