Glass beads

Every Friday, a friend and I go to the local glass studio, BAGI, and make beads together. It’s a really fun way to spend the morning.

The beads here are made with two different size mandrels. I am experimenting in making super small beads that I can use in my tambour embroidery homework.

These are made with a 1/16″ mandrill. They are much smaller than the regular beads. I’ll use them for the tambour homework, but they are not small enough for traditional embroidery.

These were made on the larger mandrils. Right now I’m just experimenting with color and technique.

These two were super fun. The top one has a flower on top of encasing. The bottom one I used glass scissors to cut the hot class in order to attempt flower petals. It doesn’t really look like a flower, but it was fun to use the scissors and experiment. I’ll be using the glass scissors more often to try for different looks.

Glass Beads

Myself and a friend have been renting space at the glass workshop to make beads about once a week. We are having a great time!

None of the beads come out looking like I think they will, but I like them anyway.

This one was fun. I had a bead that exploded into pieces in the annealer. I really liked the color of that bead so I decided to try to add it to the bead I was currently making. I added new glass go the mandril, and while the glass was molten, I pressed the pieces of the broken bead into it. Then I heated everything up and reformed the glass into a bead shape. This might be my favorite bead so far.

I’d like to try to make smaller, thinner beads that I can use in my tambour embroidery.

More Beads

I’m still making glass beads with some degree of success and more of failure.

I made this bead but don’t really like it. I was trying out some new things which was good.

This is the other side of the bead. I do like this side a bit better.

A little wonky, but of course I had to do a purple bead!

This is a “stringer”. It can be laid on the bead and melted in or used for dots. We were practicing making these. We made them in one color and then multiple colors. I liked this one the best.

Something New

I’ve been taking glass bead making classes!! This is something I have wanted to do for a long time so when a friend asked to sign up together I said “YES!”.

The Torch

This is the torch we use. At first it was a little intimidating but I’m a little more comfortable now.

Beads on Mandrils

We use these sticks called mandrils to wrap the melted glass around to make the bead. Then the bead goes in the Annealer to cool off slowly so there is no thermal shock and no cracking. These are my very first beads. They are a little wonky, but were so fun to make.

These two beads were my favorite from the first class. I can see a new creative addiction forming!