I have always wanted to grow gourds to make into bird houses, but have never actually done it.  This year I was at my local gardening center and found seeds for gourds that are specifically used for bird houses and feeders.  I was so excited to bring these home and plant them!  It seemed to take forever for the plants to emerge from the ground.IMG_0861

I didn’t notice this one at first.  It is hidden in the middle of the plant.  I just love the different colors and I wonder if after picked and dried if the colors will remain.IMG_0863

There are tons of these guys all over their plant.  I hope they grow big!  There have been a couple that have stopped growing and rotted, but there are still many that look great.  I am crossing my fingers for these!IMG_0862

This is the only gourd produced by this particular plant.  The vine is beautiful and big, but only this one fruit.  It is a nice shape, though.