A post that is a little bit late!  Around here, Halloween is a big thing!  My kids (even the big ones) love to decorate and hand out candy.  We always carve pumpkins the night before — even on a school night…

In progress…

And finished.  This year we were missing two – one of my kids is away at college and the other was at work — BOO!

I played around on my own with a couple of ideas that showed up in my Facebook feed.  The one on the left worked out ok.  You fill a container with water and pour different nail polishes into the water, then dip your object – in this case a pumpkin – and the nail polish sticks to it.  Well…that was marginally successful.  1)  I didn’t realize how expensive nail polish is.  I don’t buy it anymore.  When I want to do my nails, I borrow polish from one of my girls, so I was surprised at the cost.  I wound up at Walmart where I could get polish for a little over $1 for each bottle, but some of them were $10!!  2) Some of the polish drops down to the bottom of the container and is not usable.  3)  The polish that does stay on top, forms kind of a film and that is what sticks to your object.  It was fun to do this once, but probably not again.

The pumpkin on the right, is done with hot glue and spray paint.  First hot glue is put on the pumpkin in a design – I drew my design on first and then followed along with the glue.  After the glue is dry, you spray paint the pumpkin.  I have discovered a new found love of spray paint so I really enjoyed this part.  Overall the pumpkin was fun to do, but also probably not again.

One of my daughters really loves to bake so we always make something special for Halloween.  This one was pretty easy.  We made the brownies the night before and then on Halloween put the marshmallows on top and poured frosting over them.  Then used black icing for the eyes and nose.  These were really fun to make!  And tasty!

Food and table decorations.  The kids all have friends over and so do we.  The adults sit out front at the fire pit and talk, sometimes with a glass of wine.  The best part is….

The Maze!!  Our youngest son (13 years) and two of his buddies make a maze in our front yard — this year it was on our driveway.  They design it, measure and then use PVC pipe and black plastic sheeting to build and cover the walls.  It is a huge undertaking over several weekends, but it is really fun.

I tried to capture it on this video, but it’s not a true representation.  The boys dress up and wander around in the maze jumping out at people.  They, on their own, post a sentry at the front of the maze and when little kids come by, they take their masks off and walk through with them explaining everything and how it’s really not real.  With adults and older kids, the masks are on and they give chase.  It’s so much fun – I love watching because the energy is so high and soooo good!

Halloween Night

We had a fantastic time on Halloween this year and I wanted to do a little update!!  The 12 yo and 2 of  his buddies built a haunted maze on our front lawn and we had about 300 kids come through.


The 12yo and his buddies.


The 15yo and her buddies.

The 17yo and the 22yo did not dress up, but had friends over.


The snack table.

We also had pizza available on the kitchen counter.  There we lots of teenage bodies to feed!


Entrance to the maze.

The maze was surprisingly creepy.


Looking out the entrance.


Skeletons and Bones strewn about the place.


Walls painted.


Some creepy decorations.


Jasmine the Skeleton.



This chair is at the end of the maze and the boys took turns slumped over in the chair and then jumping up to scare unsuspecting visitors.


The ambush…

They also took turns standing on this stepladder and yelling when maze goers got to a certain point.

I was really proud of the boys.  One of them would stand watch on the sidewalk and alert the others when trick-or-treaters were coming so they could get into position.  They were also very aware that little ones would be too scared so if the kids were super little (toddlers) the boys took off their masks and basically walked with the toddler and their adult through the maze.  If the kids, were a little bigger than toddler, but looked hesitant they pulled their masks up to show who they were, put them back on but did not jump out at these kids.  Older kids and adults got the full show including being chased while in the maze.  A good time was had by all!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here and as usual I am awake before anyone else.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays since I’ve had kids.  They are so into dressing up, going to trick-or-treat, and just having fun.  Last night the 15yo and I (it was her idea – she found the recipes somewhere, forwarded them to me, and I bought the ingredients) made treats for tonight for the friends who will be coming before and after trick-or-treat.



We made these cuties first.



Then these.  The hardest part was getting the oreo cookie to snap at the half way mark.  Mine never did, but she was able to get most of hers to be half and half.


Oreo Creations

This one is where we ran into trouble.  The directions said to stick a lollipop stick into the creme center and then dip into the melted chocolate.  Well…the lollipop sticks separated the cookies (I thought we had thin ones) and even when we squished them back together, the fell off the stick into the chocolate.  We abandoned the stick idea and just did our own thing.  They are not lollipops but the are cute!


Witch’s Fingers

These were really easy and fun!


Cupcake Spiders.

These are supposed to be spiders.  I could not find black licorice strings anywhere – I waited too long (not to self-buy early next year!) – we tried red ones that we were cutting, but gave up and made legless spider cupcakes.  I’m sure they will taste good :o)


Zombie Brains

These were also fun to make.


Decorating the Zombie Brains

My daughter putting on the brains.


Closeup of the Zombie Brains

I got to add the “blood”.



I think we have a nice array of goodies for friends who stop by and hang out with us tonight.


We had such a great time this Halloween!  I was so worried that there would be no trick-or-treating, no friends over, etc.  Well, I had nothing to worry about!!

Pirate Kate

We all carved pumpkins.  Even my mom got in on the action!

Fun little ghost meringues (they were supposed to be mummies)


The spread.  Notice the roasted pumpkin seeds – those are from the carved pumpkins!

We went with the youngest and his friends to trick-or-treat.  The others had friends over and went out with them.  It was fun when everyone was done and they were just hanging out here talking.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!!

Carving Pumpkins

Carving Pumpkins every Halloween has become a huge tradition in our family!  Everyone looks forward to it and has a great time.

Drawing the perfect design.

Drawing the perfect design.

Ahh, this is the right one for him!

Ahh, this is the right one for him!

Then come the cutting and emptying.

Then come the cutting and emptying.

We are not fooling around here!

We are not fooling around here!

Lots and lots of teeth!

Lots and lots of teeth!

Everyone carves.

Everyone carves.

It's a slimy job, but someone has to do it.

It’s a slimy job, but someone has to do it.

Just look at all those pumpkin seeds ready to roast!

Just look at all those pumpkin seeds ready to roast!

Fancy ears.

Fancy ears.

Even more fancy ears!

Even more fancy ears!

Here they all are together.

Here they all are together.

AND...Yummy, yummy roasted pumpkin seeds!!!

AND…Yummy, yummy roasted pumpkin seeds!!!

Such a fun Halloween Eve.

Halloween Fun

Our family is in full swing getting ready for Halloween.  The kids love to decorate and we made a trip to the costume store.  Even though I teach sewing and the kids all know how to sew, this year they decided to get store bought costumes.IMG_3220 IMG_3219 IMG_3221 IMG_3222 IMG_3223 IMG_3224 IMG_3225 IMG_3226 IMG_3227 IMG_3228 IMG_3230 IMG_3231

I think they are all set, but with my kids you never know until the last minute!!