Another Beekeeper Quilt Update

OK…so the last time I wrote about this project, I was going to think about ways to make is easier to embellish them.  The hexi puff is knit like the toe of a sock, both the front and the back grow at the same time and are connected so that when done, the hexi just needs to be stuffed and sewn up at the top.  The small opening is one of the reasons embellishing is so time consuming and challenging.  I am trying a different approach…


Knit single sided and currently being blocked.

I decided to knit the front and the back separately.  This will make it so I have to sew them up (UGH!), but I believe that adding embroidery to them will be easier.  I found this book…


This is a beautiful book!

and was so inspired to try out some of these on my hexis…



I’d like to do a hexi for each one!  And…



And flowers!  There are pages and pages of these (and I have ideas of my own now as well).  There are also pages of birds – Oh, My!!!  This should keep me busy and out of trouble for quite awhile!

Beekeeper Quilt Update

I really like knitting these hexi puffs!  I’m not so into just the regular ones anymore.  I kind of really like making “special” ones…



This one is pretty cool (although it only has 4 legs) and the construction was cool as well.  I can see making a few more of these in different colors.


More crochet and duplicate stitch.

These are more hexis with crochet embellishment and duplicate stitch embellishment.  The duplicate stitch is a little fiddly as getting my fingers inside that little thing is sometimes a challenge.  I’m going to think about ways to make that easier.

Beekeeper Quilt

A few years ago, in most of my knitting groups online, quite a few people were making the Beekeeper Quilt.  I held off for awhile, but I couldn’t help myself I had to join in.  I started making cute little “hexi puffs” as they were called.  Time went on and I started joining them together…


Beekeeper quilt.

I used sock yarn, ends from weaving dish towels, some fancier yarns and then, after many, many hexis…


Pile ‘o hexis.

I decided to start embellishing them…


Crochet flower.

I found some fun crochet patterns, crocheted them separately and then sewed them on.


Color work knitting.

I tried adding colorwork to the knitting of the hexi.  I liked this a lot and made a few like this.


Duplicate stitch.

I did some with duplicate stitch.


Cotton ends from the loom from a set of dish towels.

I used ends from the loom…


Sock yarn with eyelash yarn.

I made some wild ones.


Love this!

I made hexis in groups to create one big picture hexi.  This is one of my favorite ones!


In a row.

I tried knitting them all connected together.  This was kind of fun, no sewing the ends together, but it limits the choices in the end when putting it all together.  I made two of these while standing in line at Disneyland but won’t be making any more like this.  I like being able to place each hexi individually.  I have picked this project up again and will be working on more hexis.  I have some new ideas…!

Sunshine Hexipuff

Last week when I posted about my progress and renewed interest in working on the Beekeeper Quilt, I received a very nice comment from another blogger.  When I visited her blog, I saw the most fun hexipuff that I had seen in a long time…

Sunshine Hexipuff

Sunshine Hexipuff

So of course I had to make it!  Isn’t this series of 7 puffs just the cutest?!!  You can find the directions on the blog:  Ways to Knit Forever

Hexi Puffin Away

Ever since I started on this hexi puff adventure, I have had moments where I am knitting hexis like mad and then moments where I just can’t stand the thought of making any more. Right now I am on a “knitting hexis like mad” moments.

Blanket Progress.

Blanket Progress.

I haven’t sewn any together for quite awhile, but this is where I was the last time.

Pile of hexi puffs.

Pile of hexi puffs.

Here is the pile of hexi puffs just waiting to be sewn into the blanket.



Some of them even have embroidery done on them :o)  I am again having fun with my hexipuffs!