A Finish!

I blogged about this tote bag back on October 5th.  Kelly Casanova had led a weave-a-long and I was working on it.  I finally finished my tote bag and couldn’t be happier!!


I used her youtube videos to make to whole bag (I figured out the handles myself).

If you would like to try one yourself, her videos are VERY straight forward and easy to follow.  The introduction for this bag can be found here.



I wove the fabric as one piece using a bag of embroidery threads, only using those that corresponded to the colors of the rainbow.


The lining – isn’t it fun?!

I had this fun rainbow colored fabric in my stash and decided it would be the perfect addition for the lining of this bag.  Now I have a new tote bag to carry around my knitting projects!

Kelly Casanova Tote Bag Weave-A-Long

Kelly Casanova held a weave-a-long a little while ago, but I couldn’t participate at the time.  I finally warped up in mid-September and was on my way.

I used this Patons Metallic as my warp and…

This embroidery floss for the weft.

I am pretty new to weaving and was trying out something new with the different weights for warp and weft.  The coverage is not complete or even.

I did have some trouble with even coverage.  As you can see, the weaving did not beat properly.  My selvages are all over the place.

This is the finished fabric and overall I am pretty pleased with it.  I like the rainbow effect, but am still bothered by the uneven beating.

It’s much more obvious in this picture.  I was worried about my lining showing through.  I have chosen something very colorful and fun so I decided to back this fabric with some black flannel that I had lying around.

I cut the flannel to size and then sewed it to the woven fabric.

Immediately, I warped up for the handles…

I wove for a little bit and one of the warp threads broke.  I used this super, high tech way to add in a new warp thread and kept on weaving.

You can totally see where the new warp thread has been added.  I’m not sure how to fix that, but hopefully after a good wash it will be hidden a bit more.  I know this project has a lot of challenges, but I actually really like it and have learned quite a bit from all the mistakes.  I can’t wait to sew it up properly and finish it.