The Ausable Sweater

This time I am knitting something for myself! It’s called the Ausable Sweater and I simply love the pattern.

Cable detail

The pattern is a 12 row repeat and it’s pretty easy once you get used to it. This is 9″ of the back and side – I need 15″ as called for in the pattern, but I like my sweaters to be a bit longer so I will probably knit about 17″.

Moss stitch

To begin with, I found Moss stitch to be a bit challenging but I think I have the hang of it now. I am trying to knit at least 2 rows a day and it is really growing!

Snowflakes, Snowflakes

I have been a member of the Monthly Dishcloth Group (they are now on FB) for many years and love making knitted (and crocheted) dishcloths. A new pattern is released each month. I don’t always get around to making them on time, but usually I manage to make most of them in a year. The January Dishcloth is called Snowflakes, Snowflakes and is an easy lacy pattern.

January 2021 Monthly Dishcloth Pattern – Snowflakes, Snowflakes.

Started: Friday, 2/12/2021. Finished: Sunday 2/14/2021

Yarn: Peaches & Cream – Color: #4 Ecru – Dye Lot: 7570 – Needles: US Size 6

Lacy closeup.

I love making these! They are so quick and easy (unlike a lot of my current projects) and take almost no brain power. We use these cloths in the kitchen and when they become too stained for the kitchen, they become rags. Their lives are long and useful.

Drachenfels and One Monthly Goal-Feb.

I started this shawl to help a friend who was having challenges with the pattern. I wound up really enjoying the simplicity of the pattern and have gone on to knit it.

I am running out of steam. This is a TON of garter stitch even with the color changes. I have decided to use this project as my One Monthly Goal for February over at Elm Street Quilts.

This is where I am now:


I am part of the way done with the I-cord bind off. My goal is to finish the I-cord bind off, weave in all the ends and possibly do a crochet edging. I will decide about the crochet edging after I see how the shawl looks.


Yes, I’m still knitting dishcloths!! I love them in the kitchen and now my oldest daughter likes them as well. I have been cleaning and organizing my crafts books and came across a knit dishcloth book that I remember liking so well when I bought it.

Knit Dishcloth Leaflet

I decided that I wanted to knit some of these and started with the first one in the book.

Cloth #1 – Bee Stitch

I used size #7 needles and Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton yarn in the color way Psychedelic. I quickly moved onto the second one in the book.

Cloth #2 – Crocus Buds

Size #7 needles and Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton in the color way Countryside Ombre. I decided not to block either one so that’s why they look a bit wonky, but these are to be work horses in the kitchen and will be washed regularly. I like how quick these are to knit up; however, I think I will use size #5 needles for the next one as these are pretty loose and I like a stiffer fabric.

Slow Stitch Sunday

SIP hasn’t been all bad for me.  I’ve been getting together via zoom with friends and since they can’t really see what I’m doing, I’ve been knitting.  Usually there are two non-knitting groups I meet up with during the week for coffee.  I don’t bring my knitting because none of them knits and it just feels a little strange.  Now I’m knitting during these “coffees” and it’s great!  Once we can go back to normal, I will most likely bring my knitting again.


Drachenfels by Melanie Berg

This is a super fun and easy knit.  I like the black and white color as well as the pop of blue now that I’m in the color stripes section.img_9662

I could be done soon if I were a monogamous crafter, but alas, I am not.  I bounce around between this project, a pair of socks, a cross stitch project, some hand quilting and of course gardening.  Today will bring a bike ride and hike with the family.  What will you be doing today?

I’m linking up with Kathy for Slow Stitch Sunday.

Fair Isle Hat

I was lucky enough to be able to attend Stitches West this year!  I took classes every day and had a fantastic time.  The first class I took was the Fair Isle Hat.  I have tried colorwork in the past with not such great results.  My tension was always off and the knitting looked puckery and the images were not clear.  I definitely needed help.  Our teacher was amazing!


2/21/2019 – Fair Isle Hat from Stitches West Class.

I learned how to knit with a color in each hand and how to get my tension right.  Everyone in class made such pretty hats and they were all different.


Closeup of stitch pattern.

One of the best parts of class … I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen since our kids were in pre-school together!!  It was such a fantastic surprise to see and chat with her.  She’s still local so it will be fun to get together sometime soon.

Taaa Daaa!!! One Monthly Goal Finish

I FINALLY have a finish!!  Last night, during the Oscars, I put the finishing touches on the label and attached it to…..The Mighty Rainbow Blanket!


2/24/2019 Mighty Rainbow Blanket complete!

I started this in September of 2016 and finally, finally finished it!  This is my daughter’s twin size bed.


Hand made label – to cover a spot.

I usually put labels on things.  This one is a little large because we had an unfortunate accident with a heat lamp (for geckos).  The heat lamp was turned off and then placed on the blanket which was in a bag.  Well….the bag melted and a hole appeared where the bulb from the lamp lay on the bag.  I am just lucky that the fibers of the blanket only melted slightly, but there was still green icky stuff on it that I couldn’t get off.  I decided this was the perfect place for the label!!

As soon as the label was attached, my daughter snuggled up in it.  Then we put it in it’s proper place – her bed!  The Mighty Rainbow Blanket is a super easy knit, it’s all garter stitch.  My daughter picked out the pattern from Knit Picks and we purchased the yarn called for in the pattern.  It is super soft and warm and she loves it!

I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal.  I put this finish as my goal for the month.  I figured out that I needed to complete 6 rows per night in order to finish on time.  During this month we went to Disneyland.  I knew that I would not be able to work on it at the park so I knit 24 rows on the car ride there and another 24 rows on the car ride back.  That left only 8 rows to finish before the end of this month.  I did that on Thursday, February 21st in the evening and bound off at knitting the following day at my knitting group.  I then wove in all the ends at home.  During breaks at Stitches West, I made the label and attached that to the blanket last night while watching the Oscars.  Both my daughter and I are thrilled to have this completed!!