Snowflakes, Snowflakes

I have been a member of the Monthly Dishcloth Group (they are now on FB) for many years and love making knitted (and crocheted) dishcloths. A new pattern is released each month. I don’t always get around to making them on time, but usually I manage to make most of them in a year. The January Dishcloth is called Snowflakes, Snowflakes and is an easy lacy pattern.

January 2021 Monthly Dishcloth Pattern – Snowflakes, Snowflakes.

Started: Friday, 2/12/2021. Finished: Sunday 2/14/2021

Yarn: Peaches & Cream – Color: #4 Ecru – Dye Lot: 7570 – Needles: US Size 6

Lacy closeup.

I love making these! They are so quick and easy (unlike a lot of my current projects) and take almost no brain power. We use these cloths in the kitchen and when they become too stained for the kitchen, they become rags. Their lives are long and useful.

Dishcloth Mania!

I subscribe to a yahoo site call Monthly Dishcloths.  We knit two cloths per month and you never know what they will look like until you are done.  It is so much fun!  Lately, I have been knitting them but not weaving in the ends.  I took some time last weekend to do just that and now I have a few more dishcloths to put into rotation.IMG_8108

I love this little lacy cloth!!IMG_8109


Another lacy one – I think these are my favorites!IMG_8111

The slipped stitches on this cloth really add some nice texture.  I find knitting these so fun and relaxing, I am so very glad I found that group so many years ago!

Lilac Dishcloth

These dishcloths are so fun and addicting!  I am a member of the Monthly Dishcloth Yahoo Group so we get a new pattern twice a month.  What makes it super fun is that you only get a few rows each day and you don’t find out the complete pattern until the end.

Lilac Dishcloth front.

Lilac Dishcloth front.

I look forward to making these as they come available!

Lilac Dishcloth back.

Lilac Dishcloth back.

I thought the back was a pretty as the front!  Into the gift bin!

January Monthly Dishcloth

I belong to a Yahoo Group that knits two dish cloths every month.  One of the really fun things about this group is that we don’t know what the dish cloth will look like until we are done.  A few rows at a time are given out each day until we are done.  I started this one late, but I’m not looking at any of the spoiler pictures :o)

January 1st and 2nd rows.

January 1st and 2nd rows.

This is my dish cloth start for the year.  I can’t see where this is going or what it will be.  Give me a few more days!  I’m a little behind and actually the second dishcloth has already begun, but once I finish this one, I will start the next.