A.l.m.o.s.t … there

I enjoyed stitching my name tag for EGA meetings.  However, I am just starting to feel like it will never be totally complete.  I brought it to the meeting this month and it was finished enough so that I was not fined – haha!


Finished name tag.

The stitching was complete awhile ago.  I wanted to make it into a little pouch to hang around my neck.  Several of the other members made theirs into pouches and say this is really helpful at conferences (which I hope to attend in the future) as it is a place to put your ID, credit card, and a little cash without having to carry a purse.  Makes sense to me!


Inserted zipper.

I am really happy with the zipper.  The zipper had to be shortened to fit into this pouch and that went surprisingly well – no zippers were harmed or destroyed this time.


Completely lined.

The pouch is also completely lined.  I like everything lined and all seams hidden.  Now that the pouch was done, I needed to make something in order to hang it around my neck.


DIY kumihimo disc.

I decided on a kumihimo braid/cord.  Since I don’t have a “real” disc, I made my own.


Kumihimo cording progress.

It’s slow going and I need about 40 inches…


Closeup of the cord.

Sorry this is so blurry.  I could not, for the life of me, get a clear picture.  I’m not unhappy with the cord, but not totally happy either.  I’m not going to redo the colors, but next time  I will make cording I will plan better.  There is too much white and not enough gold or purple for my taste.


Nametag Update

Today, I finally finished the stitching on my nametag for the chapter of the EGA I attend.

Woo Hoo!  Now it’s time to turn it into a lined, zippered little bag that hangs around the neck.  Onto choosing fabric and trim!!  Fun, fun, fun!

Name Tag

I didn’t make it…


Name Tag

I had needed to finish this before the EGA meeting this month and I didn’t manage to do it.  Oh, well…I better finish by  next month!!  Below is where I was at last months meeting.


Embroidery Guild Nametag

It’s such a small piece I can’t believe I didn’t finish!

Embroidery Guild

I joined our local embroidery guild a couple of months ago.  One of the things I need to do is complete the name tag so that everyone knows who I am.  It’s really nice – they give you all the supplies, all I have to do is stitch it.  I had great plans to make it right away!  HA!  That didn’t happen.  This is where I am now:


Embroidery Guild Nametag

I have to be done by the next meeting which is next Tuesday or my penalty is a $1 fine for each meeting I come to without my name tag.  I better get on it!!  Here is where I was a month ago:IMG_0965

Wish me luck on finishing in time!

EGA Nametag

I joined my local chapter of the Embroidery Guild.  Once you join, you are asked to make a name tag.  They give you all the supplies and you are supposed to get it done within three months.  Not too hard of a task!IMG_0965

This is the start of mine.  The back ground was left blank in the instructions, but I thought it looked too bare so I picked some thread from the box and added it in.  Hopefully I can finish before our next meeting.