EGA Nametag

I joined my local chapter of the Embroidery Guild.  Once you join, you are asked to make a name tag.  They give you all the supplies and you are supposed to get it done within three months.  Not too hard of a task!IMG_0965

This is the start of mine.  The back ground was left blank in the instructions, but I thought it looked too bare so I picked some thread from the box and added it in.  Hopefully I can finish before our next meeting.

Another New Start

I discovered this needlepoint shop, Luv2Stitch, when I went to the San Mateo Fair a few months back.  This shop is AMAZING!!  The people who work there are very friendly and helpful.  I have been back several times and finally decides to try a small needlework project

I have learned soooo much!!  Needlepoint is so fun!