December-One Monthly Goal

I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts for the December One Month Goal.  I get to choose any project I wish that uses fabric, thread and/or yarn.  I then set a goal and try to meet that goal by the end of the month.  This goal has been previously made (without success of completing) …img_4834

This is the Dubline Cardigan being knit for my oldest daughter.  The goal for December is to finish the sweater and start the hood.  The hood is attached to live stitches at the top of the sweater.  Wish me luck!!

One Monthly Goal-September Finish/October Goal

At the beginning of this month I discovered Elm Street Quilts blog.  She runs a monthly goal post.  I decided to join to see if I can push myself to get the Dubline Cardigan for DD#1 done in time for winter this year.  My goal was to finish knitting the sleeves and attach them to the body of the sweater.  This is a raglan type sweater so after the sleeves are attached, the raglan shaping can begin.  This is where I was at the beginning of the month.

The body of the sweater was ready for the sleeves, but the sleeves were not quite long enough.  DD wants them long enough that they touch her knuckles and have a thumb hole.  The pattern calls for the sleeves to be 14.25 inches long (this seems kind of short anyway), but her arm measurement from the armpit to the desired length was 24 inches.  I added the necessary length.img_4378

And now…the sleeves are attached and I can begin the raglan shaping.  My goal for October is to finish the raglan shaping and be ready to start the hood.  Wish me luck!!

One Monthly Goal

I thought I would join up with Elm Street Quilts for the One Monthly Goal challenge.  Basically I select a project of my choice, set a goal for the month, blog at the beginning of the month and then at the end.  I’m going to use this to try to get the Dubline Cardigan done for my daughter.  So…  the goal for this month is to finish the sleeves,img_4238

They need a couple more inches.  They are longer than the patterns calls for, but DD#1 wants them long enough to have thumb holes in them.  AND…

attach them to the body of the sweater.  The color is more accurate in the photo of the sleeves, but I love showing the cables.  I really enjoy doing cables and this pattern is perfect.  Wish me luck!