Outdoor Room

Many years ago, maybe six or so, we fenced in part of our driveway to create a little courtyard. We have a fire pit, couch and chairs, hot tub and several raised garden beds. In the last year, we added a pull down movie screen so we can watch football, movies or shows out there. During the winter, it doesn’t get all that much use because of the rain. Well… we fixed that problem!!

Our canopy!!

We had ordered a canopy online and it finally arrived!! My husband along with help from some of the kids put it up and now we have an outdoor room that can be used all year round!! It was raining when I took this photo and we were dry as a bone!!

Lunch, Quiddler, knitting and research (DD who is not in this picture)

This picture is from the first time we used our new “room”. We LOVE it!!

Watching the game!

It was perfect!! It did get a bit cold, but we just bundled up and used some of those blankets I have been making.

Does that look comfortable?!

Kate in her spot of choice. We had brought her bed out so that she wouldn’t have to lay on the cold pavers, but she preferred that spot and was very happy for the entire time we were out there.