Honeybee desperately wants to be outside…



I found this photo on my camera.  I’m not sure when I took it, but it really represents how Honeybee feels.  He desperately would like to be outside.  He used to be an inside/outside cat, but he is now totally blind in one eye and partially blind in the other.  Since our street is a raceway right now for the newly minted drivers living down the street at the bend, I feel it is not safe for him to be outside – he is a wanderer and sometimes used to wander far.  Soooo…he is not allowed outside anymore.  He spends much of his time looking out this door and the patio door and meowing piteously.  I feel so badly for him, but don’t want him to get run over by any of the cars on the street so inside he stays.  Hopefully he will get used to his new boundaries soon.

Tux and Honeybee

Our two cats are getting up there in age and don’t really play around like they used to.  They really prefer to…


Lazy Cats

Sleep on my daughter’s bed.



This one is so sweet.  We also refer to her as dogcat because she acts like a dog.  She follows me everywhere I go.  When I sit to work on the computer, or stitch, or sew, she either sits on my lap or on the chair right next to me.  She is always talking to me and when I get home, she greets me at the door.



This guy is also sweet but more stately and fluffy.  He just moves from bed to bed making sure to share himself with each person in the family every night.  During the day he stays on my daughter’s pillow.  Both cats are so sweet!


I was at the pet store a couple of weeks ago and saw a little bag of catnip that you grow.  The bag lies on it’s side and the top is partially cut and peeled back.  Then you water and close the lid.  After a bit, the catnip grows.  I thought it was a great idea so I brought the little bag home, cut and watered and placed it in my garden window.  It grew!


Taking a good look.

At first the cats didn’t know what to do with it.  They have had many toys with catnip inside, but never the fresh variety.


Nom Nom

It didn’t take them long to figure it out!!  They were so funny after – running around, chasing each other and then a super long nap!

Cats and Dogs

Ours have a love/hate relationship.


Honeybee and Kate

The cat (Honeybee) loves to sleep on Kate’s (the dog) bed and very offended when Kate actually chooses to sleep on her own bed.  Note evil stare from Honeybee.  It has been nice and cool in the evenings, but one of the kids thought Kate looked cold and covered her with a blanket.  She looks really cozy!

A little bit of sunshine

We brought our chickens home almost 4 years ago.  I love going out each morning to check on them and take care of them.  They are only laying periodically now, but they come when called and make the best “cooing” noises while waiting for me to feed them their morning treats.


These ladies bring me so much happiness.

Today (and yesterday) they got corn on the cob that was a little past it’s prime.  It wound up stuck in the back of the fridge and I forgot about it – oh, well, our waste is their prize.  The ladies love corn like this!

And it grows!

About a month ago I shared one of our new pets – an alligator lizard.  Our 17 year old daughter rescued him from being eaten by our cats.  His tail had fallen off and he was very lethargic.  We were not quite sure he was going to make it.  Well…


He is doing fabulously!  He eats about 4 crickets and 4 meal worms each day (making him the most expensive pet we own).  If you look closely, you can see that he is shedding yet again – this makes the third time since we got him – he is growing fast!

Meet Gavin

Our newest addition to the family…a ball python!



I never thought that I was a reptile person, but after Baby Dino joined our household, it turns out that they aren’t so bad.  And when the 13 year old asked for a pet, then decided on this one, it was really ok.

Cricket Keeper?

It appears that if you bring an alligator lizard into your home, and he is thriving, that he will eat and eat and eat.  In order that the proud parent of said lizard not have to go to the pet store every other day to buy more crickets, a “Cricket Keeper” was in store for us.

The Cricket Keeper

The Cricket Keeper

A Cricket Keeper is just a little plastic cage with dark tubes for the crickets to hide.

Gel like water.

Gel like water.

Of course if one is going to keep crickets as pets, one must feed and water them.  We learned that crickets will drown if given a bowl of water to drink, so they have to be given these little gel like things and that is how they get their liquid.  We also now have cricket food.

Looking for more food.

Looking for more food.

In addition to crickets, our lizard eats meal worms.  We place the worms in this little cup and he eats them at his leisure. Usually two minutes after they have been added to the cage!  Here he is looking for more food.  Never mind he just ate five meal worms – one right after the other! – a few minutes ago.

Oh, and now he has a name, Baby Dino.  How cute is that?!

He is growing!

He is growing!

This was super interesting.  It took him a few days to shed, but it came off all in one piece.  That brought about quite a bit of excitement in this household, I can tell you that!!

New Pet

The other day, my 17 year old found the cats playing with something in the front yard.  She went to investigate and found them playing with…

An Alligator Lizard!

An Alligator Lizard!

He had already shed his tail and my daughter was worried about him.  She asked me if we could keep him and in a weak moment I said yes.  So now we are the proud parents of an alligator lizard – who is eating more than his weight in crickets and meal worms.