Honeybee Weave-A-Long

As usual, I am starting this weave-a-long after everyone else has already finished.  BUT…at least I’m getting there!

I got the loom warped and for the first time, I used sticks to pill all the threads together at the beginning instead of waste yarn.  I have been reading that some weavers prefer this method.  I will share my thoughts after I have finished this project.

This is the first section woven.  I am using random acrylic yarn for the warp and some simply soft I had in the cabinet for the weft.  The weave-a-long instructions are on Kelly Casanova’s you tube channel and can be found here.  Some of her instructional videos are free and some of them are paid.  This one is paid.  Her videos are extremely well made and easy to follow.  I used one of them for the woven tote bag with great success.

The instructions tell us to use a solid yarn for the honeycomb part and I chose the variegated because I have a lot of it.  I think, for the next section, I will try a solid color and see what the difference is.