Ta Da!

The second crochet plastic bag is finished!IMG_1721

This rectangle shape is much better and I think it will be more useful that the first one.  It’s still a little big so the next one will be about half this size.IMG_1720

What a sport she is!  This bag went together much more quickly than the other one.


In use!

It was quickly put to use on my next shopping trip and worked really well.  I did get a few strange looks when I pulled it out of the cart, but no one actually said anything to me.  I wouldn’t put anything super heavy in here – no cans, but I used it for boxes of crackers, small baking supplied and of course my son’s favorite chips!

Plastic Bag of Plastic Bags

Well…the first plastic bag is completed…


Kind of big and bulky.

It turned out a little wonky.


A little big.

I think it’s too big and I’m not sure I really like the round bit.


Close up.

It did go together pretty quickly.


What’s with those wiiide straps??

I don’t quite know what I was thinking when I was making the straps…



This is not a very good picture, but I did use it at the grocery store and put my apples in it.  It does work pretty well, but it’s way too big.  I think next time I will make a rectangle bag more like a regular grocery bag.