I’ve been running…

A little over a year ago I partially tore my achilles tendon.  WOW!  That was painful!  I cannot even imagine what it would have felt like it I had torn the entire thing!  My doctor offered to do some electro therapy as an alternative to surgery to see if that would stimulate the tendon to heal on it’s own (I still had a little bit of healthy tendon left).  It’s been a long road back.  Lots of stretching, walking, jogging, set backs, etc.  BUT…now I can run a little more than three miles at a time and last week I walked/ran a total of 104,863 steps!!  WOOHOO!!  I haven’t been able to do that for a VERY long time!


Canadian Geese

I tend to run out on the Baylands right by my house – it’s only about a 10 minute walk to get there.


White Pelicans and Ducks

I find it so pretty and relaxing to be out there.  There are so many birds!  And I like running on the dirt paths instead of the road or sidewalks.


Canadian Geese

There are tons of these Canadian Geese.  If you get too close, they will usually fly away but sometimes they hiss at you.


Flying Canadian Geese

It’s really been nice running lately because my #2 daughter comes with me.  I will miss my running partner when she returns to college later this month.