SAL Update

Not a lot to report this time. After the last big rain here we discovered water on the floor of our sunroom (my studio) and when we pulled some of the cabinets away from the wall, we discovered mold. UGH! I’ve been packing up my studio trying to figure out what I will need in the immediate and what I won’t. HINT: I’ve already packed away some things that I needed! It’s very slow going and always with the use of a mask.

This is where I was the last time:

SAL Update 1/1/2023

And this is where I am now:

SAL Update: 1/22/2023

I managed to get a little more done on the bottom part of the stocking and although I took a picture of the top part, I realize that there is nothing new up there.

At first I was so bummed (I still am) but now I’m trying to look at this as an opportunity. None of the personal items are affected and for this I am truly grateful. In going through all the cabinets (yes, the whole room has to be emptied) I am taking time to organize (in boxes) and then give away things I’m not going to use. Today we have to take an entire wall of 8 foot cabinets off of the wall and move them – I’m not excited.

I know the others who take part in this SAL will lots of lovely things to look at!



Oct SAL Update

I’m excited about this update because I worked on the Christmas stocking!

SAL Update 9/18/2022

This is where I was the last time I updated. I have worked on this for about an hour everyday for the last three weeks and this is where I am now:

SAL Update 11/20/2022

The painted canvas makes it very hard to see the progress in a picture. The top portion of the stocking is done.

I think it’s a little clearer in this photo. It took me a little bit to get used to the “tent” (?) (half cross stitch). The dragging of the thread on the back to make sure everything is covered is also new to me.

Left side closeup

Right side closeup.

It’s really fun to see how much progress can be made in just three weeks. Providing I actually work on it!!

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October Sal Update #2

The Christmas Stocking that I am supposed to be doing for this SAL hit the back burner these past three weeks. I had another week long intensive course in Tambour last week and I spent the previous two weeks reacquainting myself with my hook. Last week was amazing! Our teacher, Bob Haven, is fantastic. Besides having to drive an hour and a half each way, this class was perfect.


This is my tambour frame. We were working on silk organza fabric. What you see above is our “sampler” of sorts. We learned different techniques and practiced them.

Wired Flower

This flower shape has wire around the edges so that when cut from the cloth, it can be manipulated and attached to something else to create a 3D item. There are two rows of sequins around the edges and beads done in open vermicelli in the center of the leaves. All are done with the tambour hook.


This flower has lace appliquéd in the center and then a row of beads around the outside to cover the stitches. Both were done with the tambour hook.


These leaves are also wired around the edge. There are sequins attached to both sides (with the tambour hook – no easy task!) making them reversible. These will also be cut from the cloth and then added to the center of the sequined flower above. Once finished, it can be turned into a brooch, added to a hat or purse, anything really. In my future, I see dragonflies and butterflies done in this method.


This leaf was no easy feat. It took approximately 2 and a half hours to complete. The thread was done in a method called Point Tiré which means drawn stitch. Completing this stitch with the tambour hook took lots of practice. I have not taken a picture of the lines of practice! The gems in the middle are called lochrosen and are flat on the back but have a raised center – yes, they are applied with the tambour hook.

Beaded Half-Circle

This was also done with Point Tiré. The line of beads on the outside of this semi-circle is plain tambour. The radiating lines are Point Tiré. By now the stitch was pretty easy; however, getting the beads to lay flat and where they were supposed to be was a challenge. The look is very nice though.

Leather and pearls

First we were given a piece of leather and told to stitch it down with needle and thread. The leather needed to be stitched so that there was a “hump” in the middle, it was not to be stitched flat. After that, small stitches were taken in the middle of the “hump” to create interesting texture from the folds. Shatong gems were added to the leather with needle and thread, then the pearls were done with the tambour hook around the outside edge.


The last thing we were given was a piece of lace and told to embellish it. There a several different techniques used and I’m quite happy with the result. For homework, we are to design something for a wearable. I have a few different ideas and will start to draft a pattern this week. It should be fun although I see lots of ripping in my future as I experiment.

The Christmas Stocking will make an appearance on my next post for this SAL. I plan on working on it every night while the hubby and I watch our shows!

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SAL Update

I’ve been distracted from my SAL project lately and haven’t worked on it very much. This is where I was last time:

2/6/2021 SAL Update

And this is where I am now:

2/28/2021 – SAL Update.

Those little bees were added. They are so cute! Also added was that line of white stitching.

Bees and Beehive.
Closeup of bee.

I really do love this sampler, but the next section is a pulled thread section that I am really nervous about. I think that’s why I am dragging my feet. Someone suggested that I use a scrap piece to practice the pulled thread so that’s what I plan on doing.

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February SAL Update

This SAL (Stitch-A-Long) has been such a great experience. It keeps me focused (for the most part!) on getting one project completed. I have chosen a sampler that my local EGA is working on. This is where I was last time.

1/17/2021 SAL update

This is where I am now.

2/6/2021 SAL Update

I have added a row of Scotch Stitch beneath the tree section and have started adding the Queen Stitch hearts to the tree. Both of these stitches gave me challenges. The Scotch Stitch was the first section I tackled for this update. It took me three tries, but I think it looks good now.

Scotch Stitch

The pattern calls for one strand of thread, but it didn’t look all that nice. There was too much of the fabric showing through for my taste. This is done with two threads. Then I moved on to the Queen Stitch – woah!! This one gave me fits and starts. Many of them were ripped out and redone several times. I think I have it now.

Queen Stitch

Finally!! I have three that look like this. I’m happy with the ones that look like this, but if you know how to do this stitch please chime in and let me know if I’m wrong. I have six that still have to be ripped out.

Ugly Queen Stitch

They look like this with variations. I knew I was not doing them correctly so I kept doing different things for each one until finally I figured it out! Now I will be visiting the frog pond for the other 6 and redoing them.

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New SAL Choice

Finishing my son’s Christmas stocking in time for Christmas was such a great feeling. He loves it and I still haven’t put the stockings away because I like looking at them. The next stocking to make is for another daughter but I am really not feeling like starting that right now. I spent quite a bit of time going through my WIPs (there are MANY of them). It was so fun and kind of felt like I was visiting old friends. This past summer the embroidery guild I belong to started a project to work on together (virtually). Several of us chose the same one.

Heirloom Family Sampler

I’m in love with this one. One of our members is quite close to finishing and another one chose to do the top part only and she is done. This was my choice because not only do I find it beautiful and have never done a sampler, but there are so many elements I have never tried before.

1/17/2021 SAL update

First, I am working on linen. I have been afraid to do that. Aida cloth has been my “go to”. This pattern calls for linen. I could have done it in Aida, but decided to go all out with the new experiences. My kids actually roll their eyes when I use the words “new experiences” to describe embroidery! Hahaha!

Birds over 1 thread.

The top part of this pattern is done over two threads (this is a first for me) for the most part. Some elements, like the birds, are done over one thread. The contrast between stitching over two threads and then stitching over one thread is so fun!! I love the added texture and dimension. The floss I am using is not the recommended thread. This has been a stash busting project (except for the fabric).

More birds and bunnies over 1 thread.

This is going to be a very challenging project for me. It has pulled thread elements, hardanger and more, but I am excited to make this my SAL project!! This will hold me accountable to keep going and not to put it aside when things get tough.

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Last SAL Update for 2020

i am thrilled to share my big happy dance! If it wasn’t for this SAL and my embroidery guild, I’m not sure this would have been completed this year!

Where I was at the last update:

And as of the day before Christmas:

Finished 12/23/2020
Closeup of the patch. I used a velour ribbon thread to hide the overlap piece.
My son chose the fabric for the back as well as the lining. The back is quilted in a simple hatch line 1.5 inches apart.
Two of the three that are complete now. The third is waiting to be opened until she gets home.

I was really happy to finally finish this project. I have a few more stockings to do but I am going to take a break from those for a little bit and choose something smaller. I haven’t decided what my next project will be but will be ready next time.

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December SAL Update

It always seems that this update, every 3 weeks, rolls around so quickly!! Here is where I was last time:

11/15/2020 SAL Update – Heel section

I continued working in the same area. Besides the backstitching, this is the last area to be stitched. Now I am here:

12/6/2020-SAL Update

It’s getting there. I’m not sure I’ll make it for this Christmas, but I am so close!!

Well, back to stitching!!

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November SAL Update

A fair amount of stitching was done this time!! This is where I was last time:

And this is where I am now:

11/15/2020 SAL Update

Until looking at the photos now, I hadn’t realized how much was done.

11/15/2020 SAL Update – closeup of toe
11/15/2020 SAL Update – Heel section

This SAL is sure keeping me on track!!

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SAL Update

Once again it’s time for an update on the Christmas Stocking I’m cross stitching for my son. This is where I was last time:

10/4/2020 SAL Update

And this is where I’m at now:

10/25/2020 SAL Update

I had hoped to be completely done with the toe of the stocking by this time, but I have made some good progress.

This is what it looks like right now. Hopefully I’ll get to spend some quality time with this in the next few weeks. I’d love to have it completed by this Christmas!

I am part of a group of lovely stitchers who are participating in this stitch-a-long. To see what they have been up to, please click on the links below:

AvisClaireGunCaroleSueConstanzeChristinaKathyMargaretCindyHeidiJackieSunnyHayleyMeganDeborahMary MargaretReneeCarmelaSharonDaisyAnneAJJennyLauraCathieLindaHelen