Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad

I saw this recipe on Chowhound (don’t you just LOVE that name?!) and since both my husband and I and a few of the kids like brussel sprouts, I thought I would try it.


Yummy recipe!

My edit:  I don’t think it really took 50 minutes to make, more like 30 minutes or so.


Mustard and garlic sauce.

First you make the sauce and set it aside.


Use a box grater to grate the eggs.

Then you grate the eggs – I had never done this before and it was tricky to do without also grating my fingers!


Shaved brussel sprouts with the mandolin.

A great use for my mandolin!


Brussel Sprout Salad

Mix everything together with some toasted pine nuts and there you go!  I thought this salad was delicious!!  This was all I ate for dinner the night I made it.  The kids however, were not so enamored.  Too bad because I could really eat this at least once per week.