Scarf Finish!

I wanted to start a new weaving project.  The only problem was that I still had something on the loom.  Nothing like a little incentive to get the weaving juices flowing!

Washed and ironed!!!

A closeup of my hem stitching.  Not perfect, but it will do.  I can’t wait for the weather to get a little cooler so I can wear it!

Blue Lacy Knit Scarf

This scarf was so fun and easy to make.  The yarn did all the work – all I did was go up several sizes for the needle and knit away.

A very nice length.

A very nice length.

I like my scarves a little longer than the norm.  I like to be able to wrap them and still have plenty left over hanging down.

Lovely texture.

Lovely texture.

This yarn has great texture – bits of string and bits of ribbon alternating.

Ooooh!  So lacy!

Ooooh! So lacy!

It just looks so delicate!

Makes a nice coverup

Makes a nice coverup.

This one worked up very quickly and I completely love the outcome!

Log Cabin Woven Scarf

This scarf has been off of the loom for quite awhile now!!

The 17 year old modeling my new scarf.

The 17 year old modeling my new scarf.

All I had to do was trim the fringe and cut threads.  But…it sat in the mending pile for months!!!  This will be a nice one for winter.

Close up of the pattern.

Close up of the pattern.

I really like the way this came out.  I love the contrast of the light and the dark.


She is trying to talk me out of the scarf!!

Scarf Finish!

The “Scarf That Sparkles” is done!!  While this was a fun knit, sort of, I am not that jazzed about it.IMG_6508

It does look really cute on #2 daughter, though!IMG_6511

The pom-pom yarn is pretty cool and I really like the different textures.IMG_6512

It’s pretty cute…
IMG_6515You can also wrap it around your face as protection from the cold :o)  But…this is a heavy scarf and the ends pull down on both sides, so if you like to wear it wrapped once around your neck, you can feel a little strangled after a little while.

New Scarf Start

I found a cute scarf pattern, Scarf that Sparkles, online on the redheart website.  Since I had the yarn in my stash and I liked the way it looked I decided to start it.

Scarf that Sparkles by Red Heart.

Scarf that Sparkles by Red Heart.

I’m not quite sure, now that I’ve started knitting, that I like it – my husband said this part in the picture reminds him of a poodle, but it is fun to knit.  Knitting with the pompom yarn is fun!

Scarf Ta-Da!

The weaving on this fun scarf was finished quite awhile ago, but I needed to weave in ends and cut the fringe to the desired length.  Why does the finishing take so much longer than the actual weaving?  But no matter, without further ado, here is my fun, soft and colorful scarf.IMG_3330

I bought this yarn on a whim at JoAnn Fabrics because it was something new at the time and so so soft.IMG_3331

I bought two balls of variegated, two balls of the green and two balls of orange.  IMG_3328

That’s me!IMG_3333

A couple of the kids were having fun with poses with this scarf.IMG_3334

They make me laugh!IMG_3332

Here’s his “tough guy” face.IMG_3335

More color!  You can’t have enough color!

Sashay Scarf by Borocco

Last night I worked on my daughter’s scarf for just a little bit.



I sewed the second set of squares onto the main scarf and finished another stripe section.  I am totally in love with this yarn – the colors are so yummy and it is very soft (I know, I know, I’ve said all that before!).  Hopefully, I can finish this before she comes home in November – she will be so thrilled!!!