Light homework load

When the kids come home from school, I like to have a snack waiting and I like to sit with them and hear about whatever they want to share.  Sometimes they talk about school, sometimes it’s friends, sometimes they just joke around with each other, and sometimes they are in a bad mood and don’t want to talk at all.  I just enjoy being there at this time to reconnect with them.IMG_1694

On this particular day there were only two of them and neither one had much homework so there was time for a few games of UNO and a snack before getting on with the afternoon.  So much laughter and fun – I am grateful for these times!

Yogurt Bark

I thought I would try another fun snack that I found online.  It is called yogurt bake and it looked like it would be very tasty.


Yogurt Berry Bark

Basically, vanilla yogurt is spread into the bottom of an 8X8 pan, berries are spread across the top and then the whole thing is put into the freezer for a couple of hours.


Yogurt Berry Bark

This was really not a winner with anyone.  It was rather flavorless and very quickly became gooey.  This snack is not a repeat.

Shortbread Jam Squares by Tasty

I think I’m starting to sound like an advertisement for this app, but I really like some of the food that is featured.


Shortbread Jam Squares.

These were very yummy, super easy to make and didn’t last very long. Everyone liked these except me.  I am just so-so for them which is great because then I won’t eat them!