Sophie’s Universe- Part 9

Slowly, but surely!

My whole Sophie so far.

My whole Sophie so far.

Although, far behind everyone else, I am truly loving this adventure.  For someone who started out as a novice crocheter and has had to google and you tube a lot of the stitches for this project, I am managing to keep going.  I give credit to the designer – her pattern is completely fool proof (as evidenced by my being able to do it!), very well written and the photos are fabulous!

The beautiful flowers on the short sides.

The beautiful flowers on the short sides.

More flowers!

More flowers!

I can't get enough of her!

I can’t get enough of her!

Working my way through part 10 – S. L. O. W. L. Y

Sophie’s Universe Part 7

I am slowly, but surely, working on my Sophie’s Universe.

Sophie's Universe-Part 7

Sophie’s Universe-Part 7

I really love every minute I spend on this project.  The only problem, is that I have to concentrate so much that I can’t just sit and work on her any old time. I have to be able to be quiet and count – not a lot of time around here can be found like that!

Long side close up

Long side close up

Short side close up.

Short side close up.

The whole thing!

The whole thing!

It’s getting pretty big now!

Sohpie’s Universe

I decided to join the CAL over at “Look At What I Made” this year – I really love doing these CALs.  I like the support of all the creative people who are also a part of this and I love seeing everyone else’s work – the colors that they choose really intrigues me.

Sophie's Universe - Part 1 and 2.

Sophie’s Universe – Part 1.

I have been crocheting for many years now, but have never tackled anything as complicated as this pattern.  At first, I thought that I would never be able to do this.  It seemed very hard and there were many stitches I didn’t know how to do.  But I powered through and before the week was out, I managed to complete part 1.

Sophie's Universe - Part 3.

Sophie’s Universe – Part 2.

Part two was equally challenging, but the instructions and pictures that accompany the instructions are VERY good and I was able to again complete part 2 on time.

Sophie's Universe - Part 4.

Sophie’s Universe – Part 3.

Ah…Part 3…how challenging you were!  Count and recount, what is a treble crochet?  Lots and lots of new things to learn here.  Again the pattern and pictures saved me.  Have I said how well this pattern is written?  It is written REALLY, REALLY clearly.  I believe that I WAS a novice crocheter, but I am able to keep working on this.

Sophie's Universe - Part 5.

Sophie’s Universe – Part 4.

Part 4 – completed on time!

Sophie's Universe - Part 5 corner detail with the petals.

Sophie’s Universe – Part 4 corner detail with the petals.

I love these little details in the corner – especially the petals that are 3-D.

Sophie's Universe - Part 5

Sophie’s Universe – Part 5

I found this part to be some what easier than the first 4 parts.  The tulips are so fun to make!!  The only parts I thought were a little complicated were the corner parts, but again with those fabulous instructions, I couldn’t fail!.

Sophie's Universe - Part 5 - close up.

Sophie’s Universe – Part 5 – close up.

I Am LOVING this CAL!!