Slow Stitch Sunday

My summer camps are done for this year and I have a week “off” until my fall schedule starts.  I will be teaching three classes in my studio during the week as well as parties, private lessons and workshops.  I also am still teaching the two fiber arts kids classes at our local art center.  I’m really enjoying what I’m doing and feel like I have a good rhythm going.

I do a really thorough clean out and clean up of the studio and machines after summer camp and as I was going through the cabinets I came upon a book I had bought some time ago:img_4104

I really like the simplicity of the look of rework and had planned to embroider these designs at some point.  I came upon Kathy’s blog and her Slow Stitch Sunday link up and thought:  Wow!  I am going to start yet another project!  So this will be my share for Slow Stitch Sunday.  I cut some fabric and transferred the image:img_4063

This book is old and I’m not very good at transferring images, so it didn’t transfer all that well.  I think I can figure it out anyway.  Then, because I can never do anything the way the pattern says, I decided to embroider in a teal color:img_4064

Boy is this fun!!  I’m just doing simple backstitch with a few lazy daisies and french knots thrown in.  This will be a super fun filler project.