SAL Update

Just a little bit done in the last two months.  But better a little than none!  Crawling along with this one.


21 Jan 2018 update.

This is where I am today…


11/19 update – closeup

This is where I was at the November update.  I am so grateful for this SAL that I am part of because I can see if I wasn’t held accountable, I would just let this go back in the pile.  Things have been a little busy and I forget that I LOVE stitching so much!

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SAL update

I’m very happy about where I am on my SAL project!  I didn’t spend as much time as I had hoped, but I made a bit of progress and all of it in color!


10/29 update.

I am really starting to get excited about this project.


10/29 closeup update.

This picture looks a bit strange…I’m not sure why.  Anyway, there is no way I’ll finish by this Christmas but that’s ok.



This is where I was last time we posted.  This SAL is sooooo much fun!

This SAL is different than most.  Most SALs everyone in the group stitches the same project at the same time.  This one is so exciting because each person in the group is stitching a different project – something they want to finish – and every three weeks we post progress on that specific project.  I truly love seeing what everyone else in the group is working on and what progress they have made.  This group has inspired me very much!  If you have a chance, take a look at the blogs of the other people participating in this SAL (you will not be disappointed):


Well…It’s update time!  I participate in a wonderful SAL.  This SAL is very different than most in that each participant works on their own project (the same one each month) and shares their progress every three weeks.  It is such a huge motivator as I need to show progress each time I post!  Here is where I am now on the Christmas Stocking for my son:



I FINALLY finished that cream colored background stitching.  I’m not quite sure why it took so long, it is super easy (only a half cross stitch), but boy was it boring – rows upon rows of it!  The back stitching for the name is the only part left in that section.  WooHoo!!  And…here is where I was the last time I posted:IMG_1095

I am very pleased with the progress of this project.  Many hours were put in over the last three weeks and it shows.  I guess you can tell that I am a super slow stitcher, but I really enjoy stitching and it doesn’t bother me.

If you get a chance, please take a look at what the other participants of this SAL are doing.  They are a group of VERY talented stitchers.  Here are the links to their blogs:

SAL Update

Well…this is a day late!  I had every intention of updating yesterday and then we decided to go on a family outing up to the city.  We had a great time, but I completely forgot about the SAL update until about 10 minutes ago when I sat down to do some stitching.

This SAL is really fun.  Usually a SAL is when many people all stitch the same project at the same time.  This one is different in that each of the participants are stitching something of their own choice and updating once every three weeks.  In that way, we all will complete something while having a great time together.  The project that I am working on is “Candy Cane Santa Stocking” by Dimensions for my 17 year old son.

This is where I am now:IMG_1095

I started the red because I got tired of just using the cream for the background.  I really like the contrast between the two colors.  Here is where I was last time:IMG_1020

I worked on the letters and only have the back stitching on them left to do, I did a bit more of the cream background stitching and then of course the red.  All in all I am pleased with my progress this month.

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We have a new player, Jackie — welcome Jackie!!

SAL Stocking Progress

I am coming in right under the wire tonight!!  For the SAL that I am participating in, we need to post an update on a specific project once every three weeks.  Today is the day!  I did make progress during the past three weeks, but not as much as I would like.  Here is where I’m at now:IMG_1020

I did a little more of the background a part of the lettering.  Below is where I was three weeks ago.IMG_0824

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Stocking Progress and a SAL

First, I have joined some very talented people in an interesting SAL.  I have done SALs (Stitch-A-Longs) before – where each person participating stitches the same design over a period of time.  Those a super fun,  This one is different…I get to choose something that I am currently working on and post my progress every three weeks.  Then link up to the other people in the SAL so we can all share our progress with each other and with others.  I am looking forward to this as hopefully it will keep me on track.  I have chosen the Candy Cane Santa Stocking that I started mid-July for my son.  This is my first post for this SAL and I am excited to be joining!IMG_0824

This is where I am right this minute.  This is the header where my son’s name will be stitched.img_0745

This is where I was not too long ago.img_0744

This is the pattern I am stitching.  I am hoping to finish this by the end of the year so my son can use it at Christmas time.

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