Kelly Casanova Tote Bag Weave-A-Long

Kelly Casanova held a weave-a-long a little while ago, but I couldn’t participate at the time.  I finally warped up in mid-September and was on my way.

I used this Patons Metallic as my warp and…

This embroidery floss for the weft.

I am pretty new to weaving and was trying out something new with the different weights for warp and weft.  The coverage is not complete or even.

I did have some trouble with even coverage.  As you can see, the weaving did not beat properly.  My selvages are all over the place.

This is the finished fabric and overall I am pretty pleased with it.  I like the rainbow effect, but am still bothered by the uneven beating.

It’s much more obvious in this picture.  I was worried about my lining showing through.  I have chosen something very colorful and fun so I decided to back this fabric with some black flannel that I had lying around.

I cut the flannel to size and then sewed it to the woven fabric.

Immediately, I warped up for the handles…

I wove for a little bit and one of the warp threads broke.  I used this super, high tech way to add in a new warp thread and kept on weaving.

You can totally see where the new warp thread has been added.  I’m not sure how to fix that, but hopefully after a good wash it will be hidden a bit more.  I know this project has a lot of challenges, but I actually really like it and have learned quite a bit from all the mistakes.  I can’t wait to sew it up properly and finish it.

Scarf Finish!

I wanted to start a new weaving project.  The only problem was that I still had something on the loom.  Nothing like a little incentive to get the weaving juices flowing!

Washed and ironed!!!

A closeup of my hem stitching.  Not perfect, but it will do.  I can’t wait for the weather to get a little cooler so I can wear it!

Weaving Fail and Save

While in Redding my daughter and I visited a local yarn store and saw a beautiful woven scarf.

The beautiful scarf.

The beautiful scarf.

I fell in love with it and asked the woman working at the store what yarn was used and what dent reed was on the loom.

Another one on the loom.

Another one on the loom.

Here is another one of the scarves on the loom.  Isn’t it so pretty?

All warped up and ready to go.  So excited!

All warped up and ready to go. So excited!

As soon as I got home, I warped up my loom.

YUCK!!  This is how the weaving turned out!

YUCK!! This is how the weaving turned out!

This really looks terrible!  After posting to a weaving facebook group that I am a member of, someone pointed out that my warp is much more spaced out that the store sample.  ARGGH!!

Selvage ugly!  So frustrated!

Selvage ugly! So frustrated!

Even when I was a new weaver, my selvages never looked like this!  This is really the wrong yarn for my warp and my reed.

Weaving with a different yarn.

Weaving with a different yarn.

I went to “the stash” and pulled out some nice purple yarn that went nicely with some of the colors in the warp.

Love the subtle striping that is showing up.

Love the subtle striping that is showing up.

I am happy with the resulting cloth, but it is not the delicate piece that I was hoping for.  I still have enough of the warp thread to put on a smaller dent reed and try again – which I might do once this is finished.

Log Cabin Woven Scarf

This scarf has been off of the loom for quite awhile now!!

The 17 year old modeling my new scarf.

The 17 year old modeling my new scarf.

All I had to do was trim the fringe and cut threads.  But…it sat in the mending pile for months!!!  This will be a nice one for winter.

Close up of the pattern.

Close up of the pattern.

I really like the way this came out.  I love the contrast of the light and the dark.


She is trying to talk me out of the scarf!!

I am so ANGRY!!!

I finally found a few moments to warp my 4-shaft table loom.  For me this is not an easy thing to do.  I don’t have a lot of free time and when I find some, I am usually not at home.  I am usually sitting at a soccer game or waiting for one of my children at their music lessons.

In the last week I found some time to measure warp and to get it onto the loom. I was so happy!! I had plans to make some more dishtowels (I LOVE handmade dishtowels) and it has been so long since I have woven on this loom. I was really looking forward to starting a new 4-shaft weaving project.

And then THIS happened…(insert “doom” music)…

Eaten warp threads.

Eaten warp threads.

Our evil little cat ate my warp threads!!!



Can you believe it?!!  None of this is salvageable!  What a complete waste of supplies and time.

Just another view of broken threads.

Just another view of broken threads.

Good thing our kitty is cute!

Scarf Ta-Da!

The weaving on this fun scarf was finished quite awhile ago, but I needed to weave in ends and cut the fringe to the desired length.  Why does the finishing take so much longer than the actual weaving?  But no matter, without further ado, here is my fun, soft and colorful scarf.IMG_3330

I bought this yarn on a whim at JoAnn Fabrics because it was something new at the time and so so soft.IMG_3331

I bought two balls of variegated, two balls of the green and two balls of orange.  IMG_3328

That’s me!IMG_3333

A couple of the kids were having fun with poses with this scarf.IMG_3334

They make me laugh!IMG_3332

Here’s his “tough guy” face.IMG_3335

More color!  You can’t have enough color!