Knittin’ and Knittin’

I have been diligently working away on my son’s sweater.  It’s funny how quickly things work up if you spend time with them daily!

Front of sweater.

Front of sweater.

I really love how this is turning out and more importantly, my son does too!  The pattern detail is the same for the front as for the back and I have now memorized it so things are moving more quickly.

Two sleeves together.

Two sleeves together.

I decided to knit both sleeves at the same time so they turn out exactly the same.  I usually knit the sleeves of a sweater like this – it’s completely psychological – once I finish, I’m done.  If I knit them one at a time, I have to start all over for the second one and for some reason that can be daunting.  I guess it’s akin to the second sock syndrome.

The only piece left to knit after the sleeves are finished is the hood.  Then to sew it all together!!  Whew!  Hopefully I’ll be done soon so he can wear it during the winter months.

One thought on “Knittin’ and Knittin’

  1. I am very happy I came to your blog today because I am also working on a sweater for my son. I haven’t started on the sleeves yet but after reading Your post my method will change. I will be doing two sleeves at a time. Thank You. Nice sweater by the way !

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