Slow Stitch Sunday

Every Friday I get together with a great group of friends and we knit.  I have been slowly chipping away at this blanket…img_4503

It is called the Might Rainbow Blanket and it was only supposed to be a throw.  Daughter #3 asked for this blanket, but wanted it to cover her whole bed (twin size) .  We decided to double the rainbow to make it the right size.  She also wanted both ends to be in red, so I started with red – reached the midpoint of purple – and now am doing the blues so that I will end with red again. img_4504

I am so happy that I have reached and passed the halfway point!!  Maybe this is another Wip that will be completed soon.

I am linking up with Kathy’s Quilts for Slow Stitch Sunday.  This project is proceeding S.L.O.W.L.Y so I thought it really fit!

20 thoughts on “Slow Stitch Sunday

  1. Pretty blanket and great progress.

  2. Beautiful colors! Someone will have a great blanket

  3. Oh that is going to be such a cool blanket!

  4. That’s a big knitting project!

    • It really is!! I thought it would be easy because it’s all garter stitch and I watch a lot of my kid’s sports, but it is also a little boring. I’m making myself bring only this project to Knitting Fridays with my friends in the hope that little by little I’ll get it done.

  5. That blanket is going to be gorgeous!

  6. It’s absolutely gorgeous !!!

  7. Lovely rainbow blanket and fits wonderfully with slow stitching.

  8. That will be warm and cozy for your daughter!

  9. That is a HUGE knitting project, I bet you are happy to be past the half way point! I wonder if it will feel faster to you now?🙂

    • I am sooooo happy to be past the half way point!! I thought I’d never get here! Going forward, the goal is to knit one color every two weeks – if I manage to do that, I’ll be done in no time – let’s see if I can hold myself to it!

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