T-shirt Rag Rug Weaving

I finally got my table loom up and warped!!  Boy did that take a LONG time!


312 ends warped!

I have been wanting to weave some rag rugs out of t-shirt yarn.


T-shirt yarn from the kid’s old t-shirts.

I have saved the kids t-shirts and they are stored in boxes.  The plan all along was to make yarn from them and weave rag rugs.  Finally, I am getting around to doing it!


The first little bit.


Closeup of t-shirt weaving.

It seems to be going ok.  My warp is not as even as I would like it.  I will need to figure out what I did before I warp again so I can get a more even one next time.

13 thoughts on “T-shirt Rag Rug Weaving

  1. That’s a great way to recycle old t-shirts!

  2. Oh my that looks so impressive, and what a great way to keep the t shirts and yet be practical.

  3. Yippee! Looks like fun! Something on my bucket list I want to try…for now I’ll follow your adventure in weaving 🙂 Sharon

  4. That really is a good way to recycle t-shirts and they’ll make sturdy, washable rugs! If your warp is uneven, that’s probably a tension issue. When you tie on the warp to the apron rod, try to make sure every bout is under the same amount of tension.

    • Thank you for your tip. I realize now that when I put the threads in the raddle, I didn’t make sure everything was centered and even. I didn’t measure – UGH!! I guess this will be a fiddly weaving project.

  5. Wow. All your weaving projects look amazing. I’m super jealous as it’s something that I would love to do!

  6. Oh wow – awesome up cycling, looking forward to seeing how this turns out x

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