Oct SAL Update

I’m excited about this update because I worked on the Christmas stocking!

SAL Update 9/18/2022

This is where I was the last time I updated. I have worked on this for about an hour everyday for the last three weeks and this is where I am now:

SAL Update 11/20/2022

The painted canvas makes it very hard to see the progress in a picture. The top portion of the stocking is done.

I think it’s a little clearer in this photo. It took me a little bit to get used to the “tent” (?) (half cross stitch). The dragging of the thread on the back to make sure everything is covered is also new to me.

Left side closeup

Right side closeup.

It’s really fun to see how much progress can be made in just three weeks. Providing I actually work on it!!

Please stop by and see what the other stitchers in this SAL are working on:




9 thoughts on “Oct SAL Update

  1. I’ve never done canvas work before, but this is looking good!

  2. Canvas work was the first stitching that I done, it’s very relaxing like painting with numbers only using wool. You have made good progress. Will you be one by Christmas?

  3. Your needlepoint stocking is looking beautiful. I love this pattern.

  4. Great progress. I can’t get comfortable with tent stitch which is why I quit doing needlepoint. Love this stocking.

  5. Great progress – I try to do an hour a day as well and it really does produce progress. I really like the pattern on this stocking. Are you hoping for a Christmas finish?

  6. Fantastic progress. I love doing canvaswork but it’s ages since I made the last one. There’s so many other priorities 🙂

  7. You’ve done so much!!! It looks really good

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